Is Automower® safe for kids and pets?

Automower®’s built-in safety features mean the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted up or turned over. Plus, Automower® stops and turns around when it encounters an obstacle.

The distance between Automower®’s outer body and the blade is extra-wide, which prevents hands or feet from reaching the blades accidentally. All that said, these are not toys so please do not allow children to play with the mowers!

What happens if Automower® gets stolen?

Your Automower® is fully insured against theft. Furthermore, we install a GPS tracking device on each unit so they can be easily found at any time. We are immediately notified if the mower leaves your property. They are specific to your lawn and charging station and are of no value to anyone other than you. They are automatically disabled if removed from their designated lawn. We apply a sticker to each unit warning thieves and have not lost a unit with the GPS installed.

Can Automower® handle steep hills?

Your Automower® can handle grades of approximately 30%-40%.

Is Automower® noisy?

Not at all. The sound level of the Automower® is very low, ranging from 69 dB(A) to as little as 58 dB(A), depending on the model. By contrast, the average level of normal mowers is between 95 and 100 dB(A) of noise. You can easily have the mower working in your yard without disturbing yourself or the neighbors.

Is Automower® good for the environment?

Yes. Since Automower® runs on batteries, there are no emissions generated by the mower. Plus, the energy consumption is extremely low. Though running costs depend on the size of your lawn, it’s usually only $2 per month in electricity to run Automower®. 

What if you have allergies – does all that mowing make allergies worse?

On the contrary, if you suffer from grass allergies or hayfever, Automower® is a great solution. Since you don’t need to be present when Automower® is cutting your lawn, you won't be exposed to allergens or pollen. Plus, because the grass is kept short, plant allergens can't become airborne.

Is your Automower® good for the health of a lawn?

Absolutely! Because Automower® cuts just a little grass on a continuous basis, the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into the soil as a natural fertilizer. The result is a greener, fuller, healthier lawn.

What are the benefits of Automower® mowing grass in a changing pattern?

By mowing grass from different directions, Automower® gives an even, carpet-like look to the lawn. It’s the most reliable way to cover the whole yard, leaving little-to-no grass uncut.

What’s the maximum mowing area Automower®’s can handle?

Automower® can mow lawns up to 44,000 square feet (approximately 1 acre), depending on the model and yard’s complexity.

What if my lawn size is larger than 1 acre?

Two or more Automower® units can work together. We’ve seen multi-Automower® installations at locations around the world.

Does Automower® live at my home?

We install a base station at your home, where Automower® lives while mowing your property. We handle all the programming and maintenance so you don't need to worry about a thing. Automower® will mow on its programmed schedule and then return to its base for charging.

Can Automower® handle all lawn shapes and sizes?

Yes. If a lawn can be mowed with a traditional mower, Automower® will mow it, too. During the installation process, we will outline areas the mower should ignore, including flowerbeds, bushes, and water features.

Will Automower® work with my uneven lawn?

Thanks to its large driving wheels, Automower® works well on uneven ground and slopes up to 24°. Unlike traditional mowers, Automower® will not scalp hills.

Does Automower® work in tight spaces?

Yes. Depending on the model, Automower® can handle passages as narrow as 24 inches.

Can Automower® detect objects such as toys?

Automower® doesn’t detect small objects, so we ask that you to keep your lawn free of clutter to avoid damage to your belongings or Automower®’s blades.

Does Automower® mow very long grass?

Automower® mows regularly, so grass blades never have an opportunity to grow long. If your grass is long and thick, start with a raised cutting height, gradually reducing to your preferred level. In extreme situations, such as an extremely overgrown area, grass should be cut by a traditional mower before Automower® takes over.

Will Automower® cut grass in rainy conditions?

Yes, Automower® is designed to withstand wet, rainy weather. 

Will Automower® cut grass in very hot conditions?

Automower® is designed to function in temperatures up to 113ºF. The NiMH battery capacity is lower in hot conditions. As a result, Automower® will charge and mow in shorter periods. However, the area mowed remains unchanged. Automower® models using Li-Ion batteries mow equally regardless of temperature range.

I want to use Automower® at my summer home, too. Will Automower® work at two different locations?

Yes. If you buy two charging stations and two loop wire cables, you can have two separate installation sites and use the same Automower® in both locations.

I have a lot of moss in my lawn. Will that effect Automower®?

Automower®’s continuous mowing will have a positive influence on grass growth, leading to the gradual disappearance of moss from the lawn.

Can Automower® handle dog poop and other pet waste?

A small amount of pet waste is not a problem for Automower®. If too much builds up on the wheels or around the blades, the mower may lose traction so we ask pet owners to regularly clear their yard (every few days) but in general the mowers are very compatible with pets.

What’s the lifetime of Automower®’s blades?

The lifespan of Automower®’s blades depends on the type of grass and frequency of mowing. An average lifespan is up to two months for a .25-acre mowing area. We provide blade changes as a part of each package.


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